Revl | The World's Smartest Action Camera

We're a team of leading engineers and action sports enthusiasts.

With backgrounds at NASA, HP and Sikorsky, we're experts in robotics, aerospace and hardware. But more importantly, we love action sports. Bungee jumping, kitesurfing, skydiving, snowboarding, you name it. 

After trying every action camera out there, we got tired of watching hours of shaky footage. Plus, everyone knows editing sucks... Who honestly has time for it? 

So we decided to reinvent the way you shoot, edit and share video. 

The Revl Arc captures stable 4k quality video and tracks all your moments (speed, rotation and even heart rate), which we use to edit for you. 

All you have to do is connect the Revl Arc to your smart phone! With the Revl app, we'll find your best moments (using Motion and Emotion Recognition), you can add your favorite song and share instantly.  

Revl is backed by Y Combinator and designed in coordination with frogVentures, Sony and Ambarella. We will begin shipping the Revl Arc in December.